Birth is Beautiful, and Instagram and Facebook Finally Agree!

Scrolling through Instagram is a habit that exposes you to everything the internet has to offer from politics to fashion to gossip to porn. Yet the one topic that seemed to set off the Instagram censors was birth. That's right folks, the process that brought each one of us into this world was censored. These images were identified as graphic and offensive which is a bit shocking when you think about what you can easily find on these platforms.

That is until Katie Vigos of Empowered Birth Project created a petition on to allow birth photos on the social media platforms. Some may wonder, "Whats the big deal?" Censorship of birth, breastfeeding, and menstruation is an attack on all women. It is a method of controlling our image in society and defining who we can and cannot be. This type of restriction is a clear message that our bodies can be used to sell products and sexuality but cannot be connected to natural cycles or exude power and autonomy.

Birth is such a natural experience, and I do not simply mean homebirth. I mean any method of birth. It is natural and yet as a society we attempt to hide it behind a shroud of darkness withholding information from those who need it most. Birth photos are incredibly informative for expectant families! You learn what is possible by watching the experiences of others. I feel that this change was necessary and long overdue. I am grateful to Katie Vigos for shedding light on this restriction and mobilizing us to do something about it.

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