Preventative Options For Women's Sexual Health

Women's holistic health is clearly a passion of mine. I have focused so much time, and energy to create a healing space for women where they feel listened to, nurtured and have their health needs treated as a priority. One area where women's health has always been lacking is prevention!

As more and more women come to me asking about how Thermiva can improve a variety of sexual health issues I feel that it is essential to focus on proactive prevention and self-care. Thermiva is not only for women with a current health issue; it is a treatment for all women invested in their sexual health and comfort.

We go to the dentist to keep up the health of our gums; we do self-exams on our breasts to check for lumps; we get annual physicals; so why don't we take the time to support the tissue of our vaginas too?

ThermiVa uses a unique one time use wand applicator which is applied externally to the labia and vulvar area to restore optimal tissue functioning and to create a structural change for a more desirable and youthful appearance. This transformation also relieves discomfort while wearing tight clothing, working out or during intercourse for the patient. Due to the strengthening of the tissue, many patients report a significant reduction of yeast infections, bladder infections, and BV- bacterial vaginitis.

Do you desire more natural lubrication during intercourse?

Do you have trouble reaching orgasm?

Are you intimate with a male partner that is smaller in size?

Are you experiencing a loss of self-confidence or loss of interest in sex?

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